foam slitter

T&W Converters single knife slitting (balogna slitting) and rewind slitting will accomodate a wide range of adhesive backed products and many non-adhesive films, foils, textiles, papers, foams and rubber products.

The rewind and single knife slitters will accept 3" and 1" diameter cores, and will hold a master roll up to 60" wide.

T&W Converters can slit and rewind your product to the exact width to fit your needs, down to a finished roll width as narrow
as 1/4".


rewinding tape machine

T&W Converters has the capability to custom laminate pressure sensitive adhesives to a wide variety of materials such as extruded rubbers, films, fabrics and paper.
Our service representatives can help you select the best adhesive for your particular product and application. T&W Converters can then laminate the adhesive to the specified product.

For a customized laminating quote please supply us with the following information:

  1. Description of product to be laminated.

  2. Width and length of product.

  3. The type of surface your product will be adheared to.

  4. Quantity.


log roll slitter

T&W Converters has the capability to rewind most types of tape to various lengths on 3" or 1" diameter cores. This economical converting process is most often used when short length rolls of tape are needed for a kit or retail sales. For example we can rewind to make rolls of 2" x 15' duct tape for home use rather than the standard 2"x 180' rolls for industrial use.

If desired, we can also slit the rolls of tape to a specified width during the rewinding process.

For a personalized quote, please supply us with the following information:

  1. Description of product to be rewound.

  2. Width and length of master roll.

  3. Width and length of finished roll.

  4. 1" or 3" cores preferred.

  5. Quantity.

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