TAPE - Standard rolls 1" to 4" wide. Paper or reinforced.
MOISTENING - Double 4" brushes. Adjustable water level and pressure.
SHIPPING WEIGHT - 25 lb. (1 1 Kg).
COUNTERSPACE - 10" x 2O" (25 x 5Ocm).
COLOR - Blue fusion bonded coating.

No. 52 Manual Tay-per®

Feature for feature, the Model 52 is the finest manual tape dispenser you can buy. It measures, cuts, and delivers kraft or reinforced sealing tapes up to 36" long in one motion. Repeated strokes of the lever dispense longer lengths.

Important features include independent stops for two different lengths of tape, positive moistening with double brushes and adjustable pressure control, precision hardened and ground knives, and rugged cast construction for years of dependable service.

Optional 110 v. immersion type water heater available. Order No. 52-198.

No. 98TM Touch-Matic Tay-per®

Speed, efficiency and reliability make the Touch-Matic perfect for busy shipping rooms, or wherever various sizes of cartons must be sealed quickly and securely.

Automatically dispenses measured lengths of kraft or reinforced sealing tapes at the touch of a button. Standard machine has 12 pre-set lengths from 6" - 39", plus RANDOM button for longer lengths. Other length ranges available - see below.

"REPEAT" feature dispenses the last selected length again, without the need to remember which button
was pressed. A real time saver when sealing several cartons of the same size.

Lengths dispensed:
No. 98TM (standard) 6" - 39" at 3" intervals.
No. 98TMM 6" - 50" at 4" intervals.
No. 98TML 12" - 78" at 6" intervals.
No. 98-1 - MXL 30" - 96" at 6" intervals.
No. 98TME 15 - 40 cm at 5 cm intervals,
- 50 - 100 cm at 10 cm intervals.


TAPE - Standard rolls 1" to 4" wide. Paper or reinforced.
MOISTENING - Double brushes. Heated tank with adjustable water level.
ELECTRICAL - 115 vac standard. 220 vac optional.
SHIPPING WEIGHT - 42 lb. (20 Kg).
COUNTER SPACE - 11" x 19" (28 x 48 cm).
TAPE SPEED - 180 feet per minute (55 m/min).


TAPE - 3" paper. (Not for reinforced tapes).
MOISTENING - Single premium brush. Water bottle maintains water level.
SHIPPING WEIGHT - 6 lb. (3 Kg).
COUNTERSPACE 6 1/2" x l3" (16 x 33cm).

No. 22 Shipper

An economical gummed kraft tape dispenser for low-volume shipping rooms, packing stations, offices, mail rooms, and portable packing carts.

Cast aluminum body with desert sand color epoxy finish will continue to look new after hundreds of cleanings. The tape feed assembly is bright plated brass, with a series of rollers for smooth, easy feeding of tape across the moistening brush.

The large water reservoir and bottle maintain the correct water level for proper activation of tape glue.

No. 902 Carton Sealer

Rigid, deep-formed steel frame with tough baked finish. Much more durable than low priced promotional" dispensers.

Replaceable precision blades easily cut poly and reinforced tapes to 2" wide.

Oversized adjustable brake for exact tension control.

Spring action holds flap open for loading, then snaps shut
for use.

Handles tapes up to 5 1/2" dia. (220 yard rolls).
No. 903 Carton Sealer

No.903 Carton Sealer
Identical to No. 902, but for 3" wide tapes.

911 Filament Tape Dispenser

Efficient design and operation.

Quickly dispenses and neatly cuts tough filament-reinforced tapes to 1" wide.

Long lasting serrated blades are simple and economical to replace.

Heavy bright plated steel construction for years of dependable service.

Maximum roll diameter 8 in.

No. 922 Bench Dispenser

Practically indestructible, with coated steel frame.

Replaceable serrated blade cuts all non-reinforced tapes quickly and cleanly.

Non-slip rubber facing on bottom. Has two holes for permanently mounting on work bench.

Weight 3 lbs. Maximum roll dia. 5 1/2" (220 yards).
933 - Same, but for 3" wide tapes. Weighs 4 lb.
944 Same, but for 4" wide tapes. Weighs 5 lb.
966 - Same, but for 6" wide tapes. Weighs 7 lb.

No. 914 Hand-Held Dispenser (1" wide)
No. 915 Hand-Held Dispenser (2" wide)

Efficient alternative to conventional "pistol grip" dispensers.

Attractive metal housing has fusion bonded finish. Fully encloses tape for protection from dirty environments.

Comfortable hand fit improves taping control.
Ideal for double-faced tape when backing is to be
removed later.

Easily replaceable blade and roller.

Accepts tape rolls up to 4 3/4" dia. (110 yards).

No. 924 4-Roll Dispenser

Welded steel frame for stability and long life.

Designed to hold up to 4 assorted tapes up to 1"
wide, with staggered cutter heights for convenient
tape access.

Non-skid rubber base protects work surfaces.

Cutting blades are easily replaceable.

No. 926 Double Faced Tape Dispenser

Dispenses double-sided tape, or other tapes with removable backing strips of PVC or treated paper.

One easy pull releases the tape and peels off the backing strip, rewinding it on the take-up spool.

Tape roll holder and scrap rewind spool have independent, adjustable brakes, for proper performance with any weight tape.

Clean cutting tempered steel blade is easily replaced.

Weighs 8 lbs. 12" long x 3" wide.

Holds rolls to 2" wide, 7 1/4" dia. on standard 3" core.

No. 208 Sealer

A fixture in thousands of meat markets, grocery stores, deli's and drug stores, as well as industrial locations for over 40 years.

A single stroke delivers a perfectly moistened strip of tape for speedy application to any light package. When used with pre-printed tape, the sealing and advertising value is hard to beat for time saving, economy, and product identification.

Beautifully finished in blue or white fusion-bonded coating with chrome plated lever, the 208 is easy to keep clean and a pleasure to use.

Model 208-2 for tape up to 2" wide available on special order.


TAPE - 3/4"to 1 1/2" wide. Gummed side out.
MOISTENING - Premium nylon brush.
Removable water tank.
TAPE LENGTH - 3', 4', 6', 8".
COUNTERSPACE 4" x 12 l/2" (lO x 32cm).

No. 301 Manual Label Dispenser

All metal construction with durable fusion-bonded finish, yet priced competitively with lightweight plastic dispensers.

An easy pull on the backing paper separates and advances the label. Flat top surface makes it easy to stamp or write on labels as they are dispensed. Has non-slip rubber feet, as well as mounting holes for permanent or vertical installations.


CAPACITY Roll dia. 9 1/2"; Max.width 4 1/2".
COUNTER SPACE - 5" x 10" (1 3 x 25 cm).


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